Thursday 1 October 2009

Gob Like The Mersey Tunnel (But Not As Useful)

The Penguin


last of the few said...

Another nail in the coffin for British industry. BAe Systems, one of our last big engineering companies,being thrown to the wolves by the Labour government. A failed government determined to totally trash Britain before they get booted out on their arse. And the one to plunge in the knife will be Baroness Scotland. A figure of impropriety.
If they get prosecuted then that's the end of the trillion dollar business with the US.

Oldrightie said...

BAE will not be prosecuted. All they did was toe Straw's and Labours' Party line. Power at any price. This cannot fly without destroying Blair, Brown and Mandleson. They should stick to what they know best, pederasty.
Now you know why Scotland kept her job, to throw this out.

Joe Public said...

Another Forgemasters-type fiasco.

Billy Blofeld said...

Brown, Balls, then Straw.

Cunts all three, but that is the order the lynch mobs should string them up in.

Unknown said...

"Gob Like The Mersey Tunnel (But Not As Useful)"

which one?