Wednesday 14 October 2009

Emperor Of France

"I modelled my nose on Concorde, and my hair on Bette Davis"

Blimey - it seems that the French have a new Emperor!

Nicolas Napoleon-Sarkozy the First, maybe?

Not content with having appointed a self-confessed sex-tourist as Minister of Culture, and trying to pretend he is not a dwarf, the ludicrous little tosser is busy installing his useless twat of a son Jean to head up some huge quangocracy. Jean is 23, and is so clever he is having to redo the second year of his polytechnic course in becoming a legal secretary.

At the same time, his papa publically declares that "Napoleon Bonaparte had rendered France a great service in ending the privilege of birth. That means that what counts in success in France is not being well-born, it is to have worked hard and proved by one's studies and worth."

He is nearly as barking as our Prime Mentalist.

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

No privilege there, as ze daddy said so. Still if it gets him away from the howling of ze dwarfs wife that is a good thing.

Sue said...

Be thankful that the "Browns" don´t have grown children!

banned said...

Jean will be devowered when Sarkozy Senior delivers him to Cherie Antoinette as her plaything.

Joe Public said...

Devoured or Deflowered?

Call me Infidel said...

Napolean who let us not forget had his troops poison the wounded and butcher prisoners of war on his way back after defeat in Egypt. Is that the best you can do Sarkozy?

North Northwester said...

Still, nice-looking Jewish boy.
My daughter could do worse.

Anonymous said...

Of course thank goodness there's no nepotism in the UK head of state's family.

When it comes to getting plum jobs Windsor fils has the take on Sarkozy fils any day.

Actually when it comes to being ugly Big Ears has the advantage on about 99% of the world, never mind Jean.

Actually, I don't think Jean is incredibly ugly. Maybe older people find that kind of hairstyle unattractive, but "choses changent!" And you know what they say about a big nose!

When it comes to being clever, of course, there's no one like Charlie. I mean, he'd have got where he is just by sheer dint of brainpower, wouldn't he?

Really no one in the UK can ever criticise nepotism in the top ranks of government anywhere else while we are lumbered not just with Charlie boy, but his sisters and cousins and aunts, etc......

North Northwester said...


"When it comes to getting plum jobs Windsor fils has the take on Sarkozy fils any day."

Including Prince Andrew luring Exocet missiles away from Royal Navy ships in the Falklands War, and Prince Harry serving out in the dust and the danger of Afghanistan. Not to mention Philip Mountbatten's war service against the Hun and fiendish Nipponese Peril.
I wonder what cozy little Jean has ever done to protect the body politique of the Umpteenth Republic?

Anonymous said...

Fatso York actually managed to pull him self away from a golf course and get his lardy arse into a chopper for a short time. Now he lives at our expense ... and his lardy arsed daughters too....

Wee Harry, bless, out there for a few weeks... sent to make Blair/Brown's war seem legitimate to the masses. Poor wee thing was used by Brown.

Prince Philip the Greek sounds like your sort. I'm sure he was always putting himself in danger odious old man.

And the rest of them... fat useless inbred numpties that require 5 palaces in London to spread their fat backsides over.

Shoot them all.

Vive la France. Vive L'Ecosse.

North Northwester said...

Well, it would have been better if the Stuarts hadn't come down to monkey with and ruin good Protestant Tudor England. We had to kick them out three times, the useless shower. But this little technocrat has no military service, and no indication of sacrifice and public duty.
Our contemporary Royals have served in the past three generations, which is more than you can say for the French heads of state, unless you count Mitterand's co-operating with the 'colleagues' in the early 1940s.

What a late-dynasty Bourbon he'd make. And most inbred 'Britons' are Pashtun and the like, as over half the primary schoolchildren in Bradford are the product of cousin marriages. That's going to be fun when their health bill keeps piling up.

To be fair to the French, though, they live off general EU funds; unlike our very own Celtic Fringe which lives on income that is more that 50% is English charity.

Anonymous said...

Or Scottish oil money... you chose!

North Northwester said...

It's way out to sea and protected by a union navy. And drilled by British ( and Scandinavian ) engineers.
Come on, it's a drop in the ocean compared to the whole economy - of which only England's shows a net income above tax receipts. You need more Adam Smith and common sense - and fewer of the deep-fried Mars Bar and the attitude that says it cannae hurt. It's a common attitude in the political class - that the economic consequences of collectivism need happen only to the little people, but it's hurting the Scots as bad if not worse than anywhere in Britain.
Still, we get to throw the Stuarts' heirs out again next summer.
And who'd 'a thought the Scottish banks'd be even more economically damaging to Britain than investing in Panamanian wastelands was for North Britain?

Most actual conservatives (but let' exclude the useless Tory leadership from that denomination.)

Anonymous said...

Most active conservaties.... what?

North Northwester said...

That it was a bad idea to run a credit bubble. Been done before. Of course, they also kept damn quiet about it, so not much pride to be had over the issue. Good men doing nothing I suppose.

The Paragnostic said...

May I suggest that people look up what Sarko's paternal granfather did during WW2 in Hungary?

2500 Jews sent to the camps from Szolnik, while Pal Sarkozy was in charge... - then Pal and family fled to Germany in 1944 when the Soviets came.

Sarko is a shortarsed cunt from a Nazi family, despite his Jewish mother, and isn't fit to hold a parking attendant's job let alone the one he has.

One of my sisters was a UMP councillor in France, though she's recently gone over to the FN, and even she hates the little cunt.

Mind you, as a descendant of Nazi collaborators he's probably a good friend of Blair.


Anonymous said...

Never mind that some of the Windsors were right behind the Nazis too of course... The Duke of Windsor for example and his illegally (according to the Church that he was head of) married wife, Mrs Simpson

Actually I don't mind the Queen particularly, but I think it's ironic that we complain about Jean Sarkozy getting, or maybe getting, some plum job that he'll be crap at, and then heap honours on all of the Windsors, good or bad and continue to support even the laziest of them... Michael of Kent and Michaeless, Beatrice, Eugiene, Andrew of York, etc. They live virtually for free in magnificent splendour at our expense, while my granny can't heat her wee flat!!!

Just what was it that Charlie did to become a Knight of the Thistle, to get the title Duke of Rothsay, and lord of the Isles, not to mention all the English and Welsh ones? What is it about him that the Church he might one day be the head of disapproves of remarriage whilst a partner is living, and yet was prepared, at the very highest level, to bless, in church, the marriage of Chic to Mrs Parker Bowles, against all the church's teachings? They make a mockery of laws, of religion and of decency.

And petit Jean gets a wee job because his daddy knows a person or two and the next thing is some people are having appoplexies about it... in wherever you are... England I'm guessing. Like it was anything to do with the English?

Go look at the Kinnocks, if you want to move farther down the social ladder.. and their son. David Cameron only got a safe seat with the Tories because his mother is some relative of the Queen and Buckingham Palace wrote to Tory central office suggesting that it would be a "good" idea. From the Queen's private secretary no less, paid for out of our money.

Nepotism is everywhere.