Thursday 22 October 2009


Poor Steven Barker.

He's worried about his "good name". Unbelievable but true.

Don't worry, Steven, we'll do what we can to make sure that the public don't forget you.

And what you did.

What puzzles me, though, is who on earth is paying m'learned friends to do his dirty work?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

This would be funny if it didn't concern a filthy cunt who deserves a bit of torture himself. Reputation? What repution - as a child abusing pervert? I believe that's the correct term for someone who rapes a 2-yr-old & tortures an even younger child to death - wouldn't want to offend m'learned friend's sensibilities. As to who's paying? Dear Penguin - need you ask? No doubt it's you & I as taxpayers. It's his Yuman Rites y'know.

banned said...

We could once have relied on the judge to throw this out but these who knows; mind you it will take a brave lawyer to take the Legal aid for this one. No children involved so the press and public gallery should be open, if it ever gets to court.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon, I have to disagree with you.

This bastard deserves a LOT of torture.

Anonymous said...

woman on a raft said...

Kindly stop to vomit at the manipulation of baby Peter's death by the scumbags of PETA, who don't actually give a shit about children and think that animals are much more important.

It is true that abuse of animals is a marker for further violence against people (some of whom may well be children) but PETA are not making a measured observation for the benefit of social workers, who already know this, but trying to screw money out of sentimentalists.

They are revolting.