Friday, 10 April 2009

Taking The Piss - And Keeping It!

"I've Got The Gravy And I'm Keeping It, You Sad Proles!"

Disgraced MEP Den Dover is doing his best to hang onto the dosh he over-claimed, and it seems that the supine European Parliament has even fewer powers or inclination to use them than our own Mother Of Parliaments.

The cunt will fuck off to a comfortable retirement with a £79,000 going away wedge, plus a gold-plated pension of £35,000 a year, and has declined to hand back the mere half million he stole.

I wonder if Joe Public will treat this trough-pig to the same expression of anger as Sir Fred Goodwin "enjoyed?"

Wouldn't it be tragic if he found that no one wanted to play golf with him, and that pubs refused to serve him, restaurants refused to take bookings from him, his "friends" deserted him, and even prostitutes over-charged him?

The Penguin

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Oldrightie said...

No, it would not be tragic it would be justice.