Thursday, 9 April 2009

Paid To Fuck Off, Yet Still Sucking At The Public Teat

Can't Even Grow A Proper Beard

Mark Haysom CBE (2008, thanks Gordon!) quit as head of the Learning and Skills Council last month over the mismanagement of billions of pounds of public money meant to fund new building projects at further education colleges and was paid £104,000 to fuck off.
Incredibly enough, he's still a he remains a non-executive director of HM Revenue and Customs. This is doubtless because his expertise at fucking things up is in great demand there, as are his skills and experience in running newspapers. For 2 days a fucking month he gets £15,000 a year.

Meanwhile heads of schools are wondering how to manage with the sudden shortfall in their funding, mis-allocated by Mark Haysom CBE, whose ability to fuck things up is really quite astonishing.

The Penguin


AttackCop said...

Lets not forget this fuckers previous emplyment, heading up the Trinity Mirror Group. That's right he is a career journalist.

Cuse said...

A "career journalist".

As in compared to what?

A sad, lonely, anonymous blogger with no accountability other than to the imaginary cause he believes he subscribes to?

Yeah, you're right.

Fuck him.

ranting+penguin+is+a+psychotic+fuck+nut =

Now - be a good bitch and write something else that's criminally easy to tear you apart over.

Oscar said...

Hoon of the day award .... a close run thing between Haysom & Cuse.

The Penguin said...

Bloody hell, little "Cuse" is at it early. Oh, right, School Holidays. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

What a sad exCuse for a human being....

Cuse said...

Yet more children-focussed abuse.

What is it with right-wing scumbags and children?!!