Monday, 6 April 2009

Surprise, Surprise! They Are ALL At It.

"I need the extra space for my eyebrows!"

Seems to be endemic, this multiple homes at the taxpayers' expense.

One wonders if there's a guidebook, perhaps written by that prolific author Gordon McBroon, on how best to fiddle parliamentary expenses. Sort of a follow up to how to cheat on benefits and freeload while a student.
Alastair "Eyebrows" Darling seems to have gone the Jacqui "Fat Lodger" route by claiming that his main home was a shared flat in London while he had a mansion in Edinburgh and a holiday home in the Western Isles. Still, at that time he didn't have the added complication of a flat in Downing Street and an estate in the country courtesy of the taxpayer.

Is it any wonder that most people hold politicians in total contempt?

The Penguin

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

"Chancellor Alistair Darling, Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon and Margaret Beckett have all been accused of pocketing cash from renting out London flats, while living in grace-and-favour homes and claiming expenses on a third home."

Hoons the lot of them; they should be fed to their own dogs, failing that, my hungry pigs. Better yet, whip them onto the fattys' treadmill to generate electricity for the National Grid, twenty or thirty years apiece should do.