Monday, 6 April 2009

Oh Bugger, The Whitewash Is Fading

New evidence may yet compell the cunts in the upper echelons of the RAF and MOD to stop blaming the poor bastard pilots and take some fucking responsibility for their own shortcomings.

The whole Chinook saga is a disgrace, especially when our lads out in 'Stan are dying for lack of helicopters.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

same old same old sickening the way labour wash there hands of any responsibility for the military actions or equipment.

paving us off with hollow words.


DougtheDug said...

I flew as a passenger in helicopters without radar for years through all sorts of weather and the Mull of Kintyre crash is a huge cover up.

The MOD always maintained that the helicopter was on the way to Inverness but the first report I heard said it was on the way to the RAF base in Machrihanish, about 3 miles from the crash site.

Nobody tries to fly a helicopter through the mountains from Northern Ireland to Inverness when they've got no radar and bugger all visibility. You just pull the stick back and fly at 5,000 feet well above all Scottish mountains.

Once you realise the helicopter was flying to the now defunct RAF base at Machrihanish it is easy to work out what happened.

The Chinook would have been flying North-East up the coast at low level waiting to turn at a right angle to the South-East and come in over the beach and onto the Airfield. They needed to be at low-level to get a visual on the beach in front of Machrihanish as they crossed onto land.

That would have been the plan but faulty navigation aids shifted their track south and they hit the end of Kintyre instead of flying up beside it before the turn.

The whole "through the hoops" bollocks of an inquiry which blamed the pilots was compromised from the start because the MOD lied about the helicopter's destination for some reason.