Thursday, 9 April 2009

Phoney Tony Overrules Papal Infallibility

"Jesus? - Yeah, He's A Fan Of Mine!"

He's only been a left-footer about 10 minutes, but already The Great Liar has decided that He knows better than the Pope.

I thought a tenet of the Catholic Church was that the Pope is infallible?

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

He will be claiming miracles next, walking on water.

I want to be the one to crucify the cunt and see if he does come back after 3 days.

Dungeekin said...

Forget the EU Presidency, he's got his eyes on the prize...

Pope Tony I, anybody?


Brav said...

he has his own world.

have a vacation

Cuse said...

I love that Blair still makes you so unhappy.

Sensitive cunts penguins, aint'cha?

Or is it just that because you have so much hate - you've got nothing else to comment on.

Like Dan Hannan "the world's biggest cunt who hates the NHS " as voted by YouTube subscribers

The Penguin said...

Poor "Cuse" - scared to post on Guido's blog so he hangs around here, fiddling with his undersized penis in a vain attempt to achieve ejaculation.

Perhaps we should have a whip round for him?

Dungeekin said...


I'm not donating money to him.

But I'll gladly chip in to give him a whipping.


The Penguin said...

That's pretty much what I had in mind :-)

Anonymous said...

Bliar will never be infaliible but he seems almost inflexible in his desire to get his fucking face everywhere. Apart from being a shit he's also a BIG SHIT.

oh, and Cuse, what's your feelings about Thatcher then, Remember no ex-cuse now...wanker

subrosa said...

Such a long time since I heard the words 'left footer' RP. That was an expression my father occasionally used about his best friend and it took me many years to understand the meaning. Childhood memories of the 50s.

Chalcedon said...

The Pope is deemed infallible only when pronouncing on matters of docrine. This is also held true for the magisterium of bishops.

As for Bliar he had better watch it or a couple of hard Jesuits will be round to walk about on his head for half an hour. No comfy chair or soft cushions for that bastard.