Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Justice Farce

Supposedly In Charge, The Slippery Weasel Jack Straw

Unbelievable but sadly true - a man accused of killing a father-of-two in a pub brawl has had his electronic bail tag removed by a judge to allow him to spend his 21st birthday weekend in Prague with friends.
Bail was opposed by the police and the CPS at every hearing. First magistrates allowed him out on bail with a tag and a curfew, and now this.

What is wrong with the righteous do-gooders in our system of "criminal justice"?

What sort of message is this sending out to the police and to the generally law-abiding public? Are they actively trying to encourage vigilantees to take the law into their own hands from frustration and anger at the patently useless courts?

The Penguin


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I bet he's learned his lesson then.

AttackCop said...

Well Penguin, in this case the message it sends out to me is that there is still a presumption of innocence for everyone accused of a crime. What would you suggest instead hmmm? People's Tribunals? Remand for everyone accused of everything? 180 days detention?

It's not murder, its manslaughter. Sounds like a "one punch wonder" killing. Sorry for the family but they seem to have convicted already even though that's not their job. Neither is it their job to decide on bail conditions because there is every chance that they are just a bit fucking biased

This presumed innocent man made the effort of coming back to court and made a case for varying his bail rather than just fucking off on the next plane to the fleshpots of Prague. Whether he is a brutal slayer or not, he did things the right way and he got a result. Most of the mouth breathing scum I deal with would have snipped the tag and gone to Gatwick without a second thought.

If we start forgetting that accused people are innocent until proven otherwise then we are all fucked. Really badly fucked. If we decide it is a bad idea to let people on remand plead for a change of bail conditions in court we are similarly all fucked.

Let the judge do his job. If he got it wrong, nail his wig to the wall otherwise let him get on with observing some of the better conventions and freedoms built into our legal system before clowns like Slippery Jack got their clumsy and unskilled hands on it.

The Penguin said...

AttackCop, neither you or I have the full details, but one has to presume that the plod involved and the CPS team have them, and they opposed bail. At every hearing. That's why it's so wrong.

And there'll be another report soon of some nasty vicious crime committed by scum out on bail.

mr. f frazer said...

Attack Cop, I bet a pound of salt to a pinch of shit that if 'the one hit wonder' killing was of a bogey with a wife and two kids you would be screaming like a stuck pig if this happened. Go polish your truncheon, twat.

I can put 5 bullets in your head from here said...

A Brazilian electrician at Stockwell would love to be able to apply for bail. Not that he'd been accused, arrested or charged with anything you understand, just executed for being there.

Sorry 18.01 you have no case, get out and nick a few speeders (on overtime of course).

killemallletgodsortemout said...


I think the family of the late Mr Tomlinson - presumed innocent -would rate you and your colleagues as "attack" cops par excellence.

Fuck off and die.

AttackCop said...

Shit, the mob rule mentality really has taken root. On this occasion the mob seem happy to accept that the guy has done it because "the plod and CPS team" opposed bail and they must have all the facts. Yeah right. When did you start trusting everything that we the cops and / or the CPS say about people?

That's why we have the fucking jury system rather than "bang em up cos the cops say he done it."

Mr. M Frazer, you just lost your pound of salt sir. Thing is I am proud of the things that underly our legal system no matter what cunts like Jack Straw do to pervert it. I love it that you, me and Penguin are innocent until proven guilty. Long may that be the case. May we be saved from that bitch Harman's Court of Public Opinion. I would be a lot happier if unlawfully killing somebody meant something in terms of prison time these days but thanks to those bastards in government everyone walks at half time and you have to be Charlie fucking Manson before you get anything like a proper sentence.

5 Bullets
I haven't booked a car in 15 years. Otherwise on Stockwell I think I agree. It was State authorised execution of the wrong man. Could and should have been avoided for all the known and well argued reasons. State sponsored injustice is always wrong.

Give the man his presumption of innocence and let the judge decide his bail app. The other road has some GordonBrownShirts smashing windows and making you wear a triangle.

Killemall lets talk straight, if the savage and unprovoked attack caused the heart attack its to Court with a manslaughter charge. If it didn't cause the death or it can't be proved beyond reasonable doubt then it's to court with an assault charge of some sort. Either way I don't want that bullying, cowardly twat working with me and I am guessing the public don't want the cheap shot taking bastard either.

Do not give up or surrender hard won and fundemental legal rights and freedoms. I mean the real rights, the old common law rights.

The Penguin said...

Mr A Cop,

I largely agree with you. But there are still far too many crimes committed by scrotes who are out on bail - and on early release too - and I suspect the lack of prison places is more relevant than any presumption of innocence. Don't the courts get to hear why plod or CPS don't think it's a good idea to have Mad Dog Gangsta on the streets?

I can put five bullets in your head from here said...

AttackCop said...
Shit, the mob rule mentality really has taken root.

Mob rule works. It is sanctioned by police.
A horse trailer was stolen in Cambshire. It was dragged along the highway for miles with wheel clamps on being followed by a private helicopter and went into a pikey camp. Police were called but refused to go inside, they wanted reinforcements. No one watches the camp and next morning when the heavy mob show up guess what.... it's gorn. Well blow me down!
Countryside Alliance goes on a peaceful march in London and are set about by Police. Quelle surprise!
A bunch of pyjama wearing scruffs with beards runs at a Police squad and the cops run away.
If I find someone burgling my house at night and I give him a right hander I get arrested.
If a villain does my gaff and escapes undetected the police don't want to know.

The current legislative system in this country only works for the likes of thieves and cut throats. Noone will face the reality of dealing with them it's too difficult.
Of course if you're in your seventies and don't pay council tax they can't wait to bang you up.

I admire your sentiments but I'm afraid that the reality of the situation does not encourage people to rely on the law or its enforcers.

Police either can't or won't protect ordinary law abiding citizens. What are we to do?

Justice and the law are two completely different things. Let's have justice for everyone.

I can put 5 bullets ........ said...


I'm gonna tell you a story, the facts are true but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I was brought up in east London close to the then London docks. The dock area was rough and tough and so were the dockers, bless 'em.

Where I lived there was a figurehead of the local police. He was Station Sergeant, you won't remember them, upright with special stripes and a crown above them as I remember.

He used to patrol the High Street on his shift. If you stood near the kerb he would ask if you wanted to cross the road. If you did, he would stop the traffic, see you across, thank the drivers for stopping and go on his way.

I ended up on shift work and one night I left the last train to nowhere and was passing through the Way Out only staff door.

There was a ruck outside the station door, f**ing and blinding and all sorts of threats between people. A cabbie had dropped a fare at the station and was going home. Two W.Indies dockers, pissed to the wide, jumped in the cab and wanted to be taken into London. This was outside the cabbies licence. These two jockeys threatened violence against the cabbie.

Sergeant X came out of the Tardis next to the station (fag in hand), and said 'Ello, ello....' you know the the rest.

He asked the dockers politely to leave the cab, they refused in the customary manner. He then rested one arm on the cab roof, reached in and pulled one passenmger out of the cab and threw him on the ground. He then changed hands, reached in and pulled the other one out.

He told the cabbie to 'GO' and the cab was gone.

The two gobshites struggled to the upright position using each other as a prop and shaped up to the sergeant.

(By the way there was no mobile police radio or handcuffs, and he was alone!)

He said 'Do you two really want to be locked in a cell in my police station with me all night?'

The answer was in the negative.

'Go home then' he said.

Their question was 'How do we get home at this time of night?'

The response was 'I don't know, and I don't care, don't let me see either of your faces again tonight!'

No tasers, no CS gas, real policing? You decide!

Mr. F. Frazer said...

Mr. ACop where are you?

Follow this link.

I understand that police are now recruited only from disabled gay underprivileged disabled people. Hurrah!

It has long been known that the police force is a refuge for those who fail the intelligence test for the Fire Brigade, or the Ambulance service.

Come on pal, show us what you got! Put up or shut up!

AttackCop said...

5 Bullets,
It's true, public confidence in the Police and the Criminal Justice System has drained away. I blame whoever has been running the show the last 10 years. You know it and we know it. Sorting out courts and sentences so that enough people think the system is fair again is one part of the solution

Mr F
It is too late to make things right....but if we wanted to start, we would put it back by not recruiting hothoused intellectual cops from far far away who hanker for moving on up and abandoning the streets for promotion and an office job.

We need to recruit people who want to police in their own community and will be happy to police the same streets for 30 years. We stopped recruiting them some years ago. The odd one still slips through and they are usually head and shoulders more effective. What we have in the Police now is a lot of bright young things who drive in to work from nice places and drive away again after the shift is over. There is lots of papping on about Police Accountability and the stupid shit that is "The Policing Pledge." Totally fucking bogus. Erzatz. Real public accountability is policing where you live where people know who you are and where you live, where you breathe the same air, go to the same pubs, shop in the same streets and send your children to the same schools as the people you police. Their problems really are your problems.

Back to my original point, the angry mob is a very seductive approach but it doesn't lead anywhere I want to live. It is not to be confused with that more time honoured tradition of summary rough justice.