Monday, 13 April 2009

It Couldn't Happen To A Muslim

The Patron: Fucking Useless Wanker.

Working for a charity called "The Society Of St. James" trying to help the homeless, you might think that holding to the Christian faith might be a good thing.

But not in this rabid climate of PC Righteousness and New Stasi "snitch on your colleagues" that Gordon "Moral Compass" McBroon, Son Of The Manse, Saviour Of The World, Snot Gobbler and Bottler has promoted.

I'd like to think this was an isolated and unusual incident, but sadly it is not.

Shame we have no Christian Bishops able to (or willing to!) speak out against this. We did have one, but he recently resigned because of a lack of support from the Church.

The Penguin

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