Monday, 13 April 2009

How Surprising! Gordon Didn't Know Anything!!!

"It was'nae me! Bigger boys did it and ran away! It started in America!"

There is something profoundly inevitable about the chorus of "Gordon Didn't Know!" that is resounding around the media from the usual spokesweasels and apologists.

Equally unsurprising is the absence of McCavity, who is probably hiding under his bed at Chequers and singing "la la la" to himself. He may write tedious books about other peoples' courage, but he has none of his own.

However, it is all to no avail.

Even the most blinkered will have noticed over the years that McSnot is a control freak. He just can't help himself, and this failure to properly delegate is why his government of all the wankers is so unable to actually do anything except make announcements and declare fresh gimmicks. He presides over incompetence on a grand scale because he is lost in the detail.

So for anyone to actually believe that Gordon The Saviour Of The World did not know what his closest adviser was up to is just impossible. Gordon has advanced his political career through smear and the fear of smear, using attack dogs like Charlie Whelan and Damian McBride to do the actual dirty work for him so he can claim his hands are clean - but after all these years, who on earth could be so stupid as to believe him?

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Well when he denies seeing anything he might be right, if his eye was on the bedside table that is.

Umbongo said...

"but after all these years, who on earth could be so stupid as to believe him?"

Laura Kuenssberg (BBC political correspondent) for one (cf BBC1 News at 10:00 - or thereabouts - 12 April).

How predictable: it is the state broadcaster after all and she has a job to keep and dinner parties to attend. She worked for institutional statist Niall Dickson at the BBC Social Affairs unit (previous head being noted Tuscan 2nd home dweller Polly Toynbee). In other words she's a Scottish lefty in the Kirsty Wark mode and therefore totally impartial where Gordo's concerned.

Bill d'Sarse said...

Gordon Brown, our 'know nothing*, do anything**' Prime Minsister.

* Unless it's contained within a positive news item, in which case, it was his idea.

** Anything to stay in power*** for as long as possible.

*** This may even include becoming a Conservative MP.