Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The High Price Of Irish Porkers

"I can see a big fat expense claim!"

Not only do we have Mr & Mrs Robinson trousering and astonishing £572,000 a year, it seems that the Sinn Fein trough-pigs have managed to find the most expensive accommodation in all of London - shame they seem to hardly ever be there, as they claim relatively little for travelling.

They share 2 flats, which they are rather secretive about, for which they rip the taxpayer off some £105,000 a year. Assuming a degree of equality that's £52,500 per flat.

It's been reported that a luxury 3-bedroom flat with views of Buckingham Palace would cost around £36,000 a year.

So one wonders what else the Sinn Fein "representatives" get for the additional £16,500 a year?

The Penguin


Chalcedon said...

About 10 new Armalite rifles with ammo and 1Kg of semtex/C4 I expect.

Fidothedog said...

Careful now, they shoot peoples kneecaps dont ya know.