Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Follow The Money

Warts And All

What is so difficult? If the authorities want to know who set up the Red Rag website, all they have to do is ask the hosting provider and the company providing the domain name a simple question, WHO PAID?

I've got the odd domain name myself, all bought on line very quickly and easily and all paid for by using a debit card. I'm absolutely certain that 123 Reg could provide chapter and verse as to how I paid for them, and could trace my location back to my PC if they wanted to.

So it shouldn't be a problem to find "Ollie Cromwell", who apparently gave his address as the House of Commons.

Most likely in my opinion is Dolly Dripper, despite his appalling memory; though it would be very amusing if it proved to be Tommy Two Dinners himself.

The Penguin

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John Pickworth said...

Has anyone thought to check the terms and conditions concerning domain name registrations? I'm pretty sure you are SUPPOSED to use a REAL name and address!

Could a breach of said conditions render the domain invalid? And the registrant a minor league fraudster?