Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Are They Stupid, Or Just Out Of Control?

What A Brave Policeman, Hitting A Petite Woman With A Baton!

Seems to me that the Territiorial Support Group of the Metropolitan Police Farce thinks it is a law unto itself. Either that or it's officers are selected because they are fucking stupid.

Knowing that (despite the laws framed to prevent them being photographed!) there would be a myriad of cameras trained on them, a sergeant in the TSG is photographed and videoed brutally assaulting a woman for no good reason whatsoever. He had carefully obscured his number, which suggests premeditation.

Commissioner Knacker needs to get a grip, and quickly.

The Penguin


Joe said...

Took a couple of times watching this to belive it, fuck bet he feels really brave.

P.S. Isn't one of the Jacqboots current things clamping down on violence against women.

The Penguin said...

Sadly, she's incompetent even when doing her expenses.

aproposofwhat said...

Watched this and seethed - had I been within punching distance of this thug, I would have dropped him and given him the kicking he rightly deserved, and sod the consequences.

There is no excuse for that sort of behaviour, however much ACPO had talked up the fear of violence.

Get Harridan Manhater on the case now!

mikey said...

Out of control would be the correct answer. Having as Home Secretary an obvious authoritarian such as jacqui Smith explains everything. The joke is that she is patently thick as shit and twice as lumpy. How did we ever get to the point where every single cnut you ever hated in the playground ended up ruling us? I do believe, however, that we are close to the tipping point thanks largely to yours and others blogging

View from the Solent said...

Why "or"?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

That thug is as far from a traditional British bobby as you could hope to get; he would have been more in place in Nazi Germany.

He was clearly looking for a fight; note how he squares up to the shaven headed chap talking to two of his ( correctly uniformed ) colleagues just moments before he bitchslaps the little lady with his armoured fist ?

Fucking Cunt.