Thursday, 9 April 2009

Chief Inspector Knacker Knackered

Driving A Chauffeured Limousine In A Street Near You?

Dearie Me! Seems Jacqui Fat Lodger Smith will have to lose another favoured policeman.

Assistant Commissioner Bob "Calamity" Quick inadvertently exposed top secet documents to photographers, resulting in police having to move against a terrorist gang before they had intended to.

This is exactly the same basic error that embarrassed Caroline "Thetford Forest" Flint the other year when her briefing document on glossing over the impending collapse of the housing market was photographed.

Good thing "Calamity" has his limousine business to occupy his time. Assuming he's bothered to obtain the requisite licences and insurance.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

He's Gone



Dungeekin said...

Well, he had to resign really.

After all, his actions put the whole of Merseyside Police in therapy!


Cuse said...

Funny how you don't mention Boris "fuck me I'm the worst mayor of any city ever even that cunt who wore a monkey suit in Hartlepool" Johnson in this.

Same old Tories = always blaming others

The Penguin said...

Blimey, little "Cuse" manages a whole comment without mentioning Guido.

Maybe the medication is beginning to work.

Sadly, it won't cure him, only help with managing the symptoms.

Anonymous said...

How do these journalists get away with photographing policemen in the execution of their duties?

Odin's Raven said...

Has he really gone, or is he running his taxi business from home while on full police pay?