Wednesday, 8 April 2009

"Building Bridges" To Ensure A Nice Little Earner

After all, if you are a popular NuLiebore Minister whose very name is interchangeable with "CUNT" whose property portfolio funded by the taxpayer has only amassed a measly £1.7 MILLION and whose gold plated index linked pension will not compensate for the loss of all those allowances and expenses and perks of office once the electorate have passed judgement, you need to make sure that the post-parliamentary career is not put at risk.

A bit of sucking of Spanish cock is a small price to pay.

Anyone care to bet against this useless tosser finding well paid directorship or consultancy role to BAA or Ferrovial very soon after leaving office?

The Penguin


Goodnight Vienna said...

Well spotted Pingu. The hoon's certainly making plans for his retirement at the next GE. The shame of it is they all know the writing's on the wall and those with any contacts at all are also making more-furtive enquiries. Once a hoon ...

The shame for us it that unless Cameron pulls his finger out, things won't change and two years from now we'll still be here saying the same things.

Lexander said...

You are spot on Peng. What is so fucking annoying is that I/we powerless to stop them going on to cushy jobs. Even prats like "Prescock" are never going to be on normal income like most who retire. Goodnight is right as well.

Van Helsing said...

Ha Ha, Quick = total oxygen thief.