Sunday, 7 June 2009

Watch The Smear Machine In Operation.

Gordon Brown, our most unpleasant unelected Prime Mentalist has always had to rely on blackmail and smear to achieve his political ends, as he is rather short on genuine charm, warmth of character and courage.

So the Damien McBride scandal.

But the Smear Machine is not just one person, and it relies on a sycophantic bunch of third rate journalists willing to add the Brown poison to their pieces.

So you can be sure of a whole raft of half-stories and character assassinating snippets to be hitting the main stream media about those who have dared to cross the Great Unelected Cunt.

Already we have "biscuits Flint" being unpopular in the FCO, and questions being asked about James Purnell's expenses and over-rapid promotion.

There will be plenty more, Gordon is nothing if not vindictive and petty.

The Penguin

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Tory Poppins said...

lol . . .can't wait!