Friday, 26 June 2009

Gordon Brown To Lead World In Mourning For People's Prince

Jonah has assumed the mantle of Chief Mourner in order to lead the world in it's grief over the untimely death of Michael Jackson.

"It is with great sadness that Sarah and I learnt of the premature death of Michael Jackson. Although my moral compass eschewed me from being in any way a politician who embraces celebrity, I had been looking forward to Michael teaching my children to dance in the same way that he taught me. Of course, I would never allow my children or my family to be used for publicity purposes, but we are united in our feelings of loss at this unhappy time, which started in America and is another Global Phenomenon, like the Credit Crunch which I saved the World from last month at the G20. I also very much admired the tireless way that Michael worked to lift children like Chandler Jordan out of poverty. I shall be discussing the funeral arrangements with the family in due course, and can assure you that all of the Cabinet will be attending to pay our respects, it is the very least that we can do for the People's Prince Of Pop."

Unlike all those soldiers killed in your illegal war in Iraq, Prime Mentalist.

The Penguin


Alice Cook said...

I've stopped watching the news.


Oldrightie said...

The World is softly paving the way, led by Jimmy Snot, to make pederasty as normal an activity as buggery per se.

Barking Spider said...

When, oh when will this man fuck off and die? Why does he think that the World waits with bated breath to hear his comments on absolutely EVERYTHING? By now, Michael Jackson doesn't give a shit about what he says, (not that he ever did), and nobody else gives a shit what he has to say either. It's like his recent comments on the Iran situation which will develop in whatever way it's going to develop without his interference, (I'm sure the Iranians are quaking in their boots),so why does he not just shut the fuck up and go away and PLEASE leave us and everyone else alone! Every time he opens his mouth he damages himself and the country more, if that's possible. I wish someone would push him off every bandwagon he ever tries to jump on with some piano wire fixed firmly round his neck! I don't like him, by the way.

gary glitter said...

How come he ( The Peoples Paedo Of Pop ) got away with it all the time ?

" Do Ya Wanna Be In My Gang, Oh Yeah ! No, not you Gordon, you cunt, they hate you even more than me coz you just fuck anything going.

XXX Gary