Friday, 19 June 2009

Just What The Fuck Was The Point?

I find it incredible that the fuckwits supposedly running the House of Commons bothered continuing with the fucking charade of publishing the censored expenses and allowances information. It has led to almost universal condemnation, and since the Telegraph has the full information and is publishing it, it is a completely useless excercise in trying to hide the truth.

In fact, it serves to highlight what the wankers want hidden.

I'm more inclined to the fuck-up theory than the conspiracy theory, but if you wanted to completely piss off the electorate so that they completely switched off from politics you could hardly have done a better job than this. Then you could sell out to the EUSSR with hardly a murmur.

The Penguin

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Blind Pugh said...

My MP is Richard Caborn. In almost every claim he makes, there's a claim for bedding and/or pillows and/or duvets and/or mattresses. I can only assume the dirty auld cunt is incontinent and keeps shitting and pishing his bed like the filthy pig that he is. He's probably shitting himself with fear that he's going to lose his seat come the next election. Then it'll be back to living on the Manor with the rest of the chavvish cunts.