Thursday, 18 June 2009

Good Riddance! Fall From The House Of Ussher!

Another casualty of the greed and arrogance of our politicians, Kitty Ussher has resigned after a very short, possibly record, time as a minister in Jonah's "Government Of All The Talents".


Considering she looks like David Millipede in a wig, where has she hidden the banana?

The Penguin


Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

The Fall of The 2 Houses of Ussher

The troughing Hoon sat tight hoping that her 1 month flipping, leading to a £16K tax gift, would be overseen by the Telegraph and The Great Unwashed.

She was banking on the “redacting” aka censoring of her claims obscuring her flipping.

At 1 minute to midnight she learns that she has been found out and resigns.

Without The Telegraph being able to access the censored parts she would have got away with it.

Lying, cheating and still fucking us until the very end in full expectation of the resurrection of the righteous.

She was a Junior Minister in The Treasury, Alastair Darling's department, the one that Madman Broon used to haunt.

It beggars belief that Darling was not aware of her position and her attempts to circumvent the discovery.

Brown MUST have known it too, or should have known bearing in mind his protestations of righteousness and dedication to root out the "unacceptable" malfeasance and practitioners. cf Rufus Chipmonk.

Her bye-bye note from Gorgon-Hoon makes no mention of this fact, the malfeasance, just her service to him.

Says it all really.

God rot him

Anonymous said...

Wank Woman