Tuesday, 23 June 2009

So Much For The Religion Of Peace

It seems that the corrupt bastards controlling Iran in the hypocritical name of their "religion" have no concept whatsoever of mervy, forgiveness, or charity.

They have their minions shoot dead an innocent bystander, and then try to ban prayers for her.

I think that places Islam beyond the pale.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

America has already declared a covert war against Iran to topple the current leadership. Foment another 'colour' revolution amongst the people to replace a democratically elected leader with a puppet.
Whilst millions of innocents die in Iraq that we only see as statistics, this poor girl is splashed across EVERY media source in the western world.
How did she die? Was it 'our' own assets, doing their work of destabilisation that assassinated her?
This is how our governments work, lies, deception and propaganda?
Or, are going to be fooled AGAIN?

The Penguin said...

I think you're a Tom Clancy fan.

Anonymous said...

Re my earlier comment and your reply (thanks)...
Well, before the first Iraq war,we had the fake 'nurse' trained by a promo company to lie about Iraqi soldiers riping babies from incubators...
We had the WMD lie...
We had the Georgian conflict spun as if Russia had attacked first.
We have also had the BBC caught out manipulating photos of the current troubles in Iran.
AND it is America's STATED goal, that regime change will be attempted through revolution. Failing that, invasion.
America has ALREADY done this in Iran's history, replacing Moussadek with the Shah and totally fucking thing up...
And, this time, it is not just about controlling oil supply, we have the issue of Iran's nuclear program, pressure from Israel etc etc.
So, Tom Clancy, no, BUT we must look very sceptically at how our government works now they have been proven to be duplicitous liars many many times.

Anonymous said...

Here is a real 'Tom Clancy' spook type person blowing the whistle on how our governments work:


The Penguin said...

I fully agree thet can none of them be trusted.

But I don't think they are that competent, otherwise we would not so quickly have the leaks and the desperate cover-ups about the mess-ups.

The septics couldn't even sort out Fidel, and he's on their doorstep!