Sunday, 21 June 2009

Is There Nothing The Gorgon Won't Pollute?

"Don't Be Scared, Little Child, I'm The Son Of The Manse!"

Pass the Sick Bags, and some wet wipes, preferably slightly scented.

Jonah is to "feature" on a special Songs Of Praise, which will have all his favourite hymns and psalms. You can expect themes of Prudence, Courage, No More Boom And Bust, Lifting Children Out Of Poverty, and British Jobs For British Workers.

What a fucking cunt he is.

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Stolen that pic, he just looks such an utter cunt that I have to caption it.

One for the Gordon is a cunt blog.

captainff said...

Hopefully the someone in the Songs of Praise team will arrange for a bible reading to be Jonah 1:4-8


subrosa said...

I've just drafted my thoughts on this for posting later. Bluddy despicable we're now getting more religion forced down our throats.

banned said...

" Mummy Mummy, who is that howwid man he looked at my frend Rastus an made him cwy... Mummy !? "