Tuesday, 30 June 2009

British Neets For British Streets!

Just how barking fucking mad are the deluded cretins of the NuLiebore Gummint of No Fucking Talent?

The Boy Yvette is claiming that the illusory creation of 100,000 McJobs and apprenticeships for young people will mean that the 935,000 NEETS will all be able to have their benefits stopped because they'll have to take up one of these places.

Some form of work share?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Help me compile a list of NuLabour's cuts.

Are they cutting or deceiving in the marginals?

microdave said...

Poor maths is just one result of 12 years of NuLiebor...

Oldrightie said...

I, Oldrightie, solemnly swear to revers the nation's decline under Jimmy Snot. I promise that I and I alone will create 200 million jobs, 140 million immigrants to help fill them and make our green and pleasant land a Utopia of concrete jungle in the image Labour have so far failed to fulfil.

"How's that, My Liege?"

Chalcedon said...

They are a bit poor at numeracy this lot aren't they? What will balls saying debt will fall then whining he was talking about debt to GDP ratio. If they are so bad at arithmetic then no wonder they think they can go on spending forever.

banned said...

1 million NEETS are the result of spending childhood learning that you can sit on yourse arse all year round and the state will provide.
"Margaret Eaton, chairman of the LGA, "A mish mash of government departments, national agencies, voluntary organisations and local authorities all working to different targets and agendas muddy the water and prevent a coherent approach to dealing with the issue."

Cue more centralised control in the form of the unlovely quango Conexxions ( whose initial funding came from stealing from the unvoluntary sector ) which we were told last year was being abolished for being rubbish with rubbish staff but wasn't.