Saturday, 27 June 2009

Legislating In Haste Is Recipe For Disaster

It seems that our political elite learn nothing from their past mistakes.

Knee Jerk laws rushed through in haste are always bad laws with many unintended consequences.

The Dangerous Dogs Bollocks, and The Dunblane Gun Ban are prime examples of this, and I can't be arsed to spell out why, you all know the score.

So Jonah's Quick Fix to stop the Expense Claim Scandal is likely to be complete shit as well, and the only surprise is that the previously spine-free Dr. Malcom Jack has had the temerity to say so.
The Penguin


Anonymous said...

They don't like the Fraud Act, Penguin, it imposes penalties that stop them getting back into the trough - like more than 12 months in prison - hence Harman's little effort!

banned said...

Avoid those walks in the woods and lonely mountains Dr. Jack.