Thursday, 25 June 2009

Yet Another Triumph For Custard Pie Woolas!

The useless prat in nominal charge of the useless UK Borders Agency ( who must be in line for bonuses all round after granting a record 220,000 immigrants Britich Citizenship last year, the cunts) has chalked up yet another triumph.

Under his leadership, the imbeciles at the aptly named Lunar House has pissed away a MILLION quid on a daft scheme to persuade failed (that's right, FAILED!!!) asylum seekers to go home by bribing them, and only managed to get ONE family to fuck off.

Never mind, they are confident that they'll do better with a new sceme based on the old scheme.

The Penguin


jaydeeaitch said...

If you're still talking to me, try this:

The Penguin said...

Of course I'm still talking to you!

Not always easy getting the tone across :-)

Faux Cu said...

Awe Fuck it is here too.

JDH with his BA in chemistry (Cantab no less) MA, ICAEW (I've joined a few clubs in my day too) and two SKY+ boxes.

You are as much a chemist as my dug Faraday and have about the same level of accountancy skills. He has an MBA you know, from Cheltenham Ladies College.

How do you know a TWAT has loads of paper qualifications? He tells you.

Why don't you just fuck the fuck off back under your stone and take your grammar with you.

Faux Cul

Faux Off!


jaydeeaitch said...

Faux Cu, I really don't know what your problem is, but I can't go on spending OU's or Penguin's bandwidth discussing matters with you.

Have a nice life, if you are able.

Faux Cu said...


says it all really

Got a fucking tank top and a kipper tie?

The Penguin said...

Should I hold your jackets?

Faux Cu said...

Handbags at dawn

I'll bugger of and let the twat show off his grammar, spelling, two SKY+ boxes and academic qualifications.

He has as much substance as a klein bottle

Tweed said...

Why do I get the feeling that Fuck You is a bit unsettled?