Monday, 15 June 2009

How Happy Is Gordon?

Probably the single most hated person in Britain, Jonah McBroon is either completely delusional and should be certified, or he has to be aware that his position is absolutely dire.

Assuming the latter, he must know how the history books will treat him, and that under his baleful influence the Labour party he professes to love is being wiped out. He no longer has the authority to arrange his ministerial team as he would like to, and his continued occupation of the office of Prime Minister is at the whim of Voldemort.

He has even been forced to give up on his "henchmen" as the new Super Cabinet only includes one "Brownite", the disgusting Blinky Balls - who has said that he might well tell Gordon it is all over if things don't improve. There's loyalty, very nice.

Still, I expect the farmy farm animals still like him.

The Penguin


Markbaldy said...

Yes I reckon Brown is about as popular as Mugabe.
Brown IS responsible for the mess we are in and is total denial about that - blamimg others.
He is the man who will guide us through this mess... NO he will bankrupt us.
He and his New Labour cronies are traitors and hold the people they are supposed to serve in contempt - NO referendums, these people just do what they want yet expect US to abide by their rules.
Well, I do not recognise their authority one bit - they can all go fuck themselves !!!

Oldrightie said...

His delusion extends to a belief Fondlebum cares for him. Now that is a sign of madness.

Newgates Knocker said...

Just look at that face. Can you not in your heart of hearts, feel just a shread of sympathy for the deluded, piss stained, control freak?

No, me neither. Time for the cyanide Gordon.

Katie Price said...

I love him and want to have his babies

Eclipse said...

Is it just me, or does it look like he's having a stroke in that pic? all one side of his face is sagging!

Old Bag said...

katie dear, i know things are tough for you right now but please!..hasnt your cunt been through enough?