Sunday, 7 June 2009

Blinky Versus Voldemort - Should Be Fun!

They were sworn enemies who kissed and made up for Jonah. Both tried to run their own inner cabinet within Number 10 Downing Strasse, much to the angst and annoyance of the other.

There is no meeting of minds, and no trust between them as they fight for "Gordon's Ear".

Now Blinky is said to be furious that his promised promotion to Chancellor has been stymied, while Voldemort gains more power and influence he languishes as Schools Secretary where he has already made numerous catastrophic gaffes. He fears his star wanes while Voldemort's shines ever brighter in Jonah's parallel universe.

This should be worth a few tubs of popcorn over the next few weeks and months of McBroon's demise, followed by years of acid recriminations.

The Penguin


Catosays said...

There's a whole raft of stuff in the Sunday Times this morning. Well worth a read.

jaydeeaitch said...

Another fight where you want them both to lose.

Old Bag said...

they are both cunts.but i guess we know which one tickles' gordooms' fancy...