Monday, 22 June 2009

Black Is White, Blue Is Red, And Brown Is Shit

What is the one-eyed cunt on, some sort of happy juice? The banana waving wanker at the Foreign Office admits that they failed, but Jonah is insisting that there was no failure.

So how come the hostages turn up dead then, Gordon? Is that some sort of success?

Still, for the twat who insisted the 10p Tax Fiasco would hurt no-one, and who abolished Boom and Bust, it may well be the reality in his parallel universe.

I just wish he'd fucking stop intruding into ours.

The Penguin


Tory Poppins said...

Did you hear him saying he'd left 'no stone unturned' to get the hostages released alive? . . . .then two of them turned up in a box!

Anonymous said...

One of the fathers of a hostage still there said he has not had a call from either Miliband (cunt)or Brown (dirty cunt) yet Brown found the time to call Simon fucking Cowell to inquire if Susan fucking Boyle was ok, all around us is violence and degradation 15yr olds killing kids, welfare families living in filth and abusing children, violent criminals walking free after ridiculous sentences and all that cunt Brown can do is play to the MSM. God I fucking hate them all, all of them should fucking die, die and die.

disilyz said...

Tory Poppins,

The laws of Brownian Motion dictate that for every action there is an equal and opposite inaction.

The Brown man is nought but a soundbite machine. Like one of those Mr T in your pocket things. Push the right button - dead hostages - and you get 'No stone left unturned'. At best what he says bears little relation to reality. At worst he is a mendacious shit lying through his arse. Few have the balls to pick him up on it in public. I have long wondered why.

Sean Lynch said...

Brown is an utter utter cunt, bereft of humanity. He is inhuman to talk vindictively when human beings have been slaughtered

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...


A lot more bodies soon.

Heads up.