Sunday, 14 June 2009

Inspector Knacker Caught Fiddling Expenses

"Sir Ian Bliar attends a Master Class in Expense Fiddling"

Tsk! Tsk!

It seems that Inspector Knacker and many of his colleagues have been following the example of their political masters by troughing and fiddling expenses.

I do hope the same audit team are asked to have a close look at all of the other police authorities, after all, where the Met lead you can be sure the rest follow.

The Penguin


Paul said...

What absolute spastics they do look in that photo.

Authoritarian cunts.

Oldrightie said...

I thought this was a caption competion with mysogonist Blair saying to Blunkett, "I know you can't see but Kimberley stretched even wider than this".

Anonymous said...

As a retired plod all I can say is 'GOOD' and 'about fucking time' and 'I hope they get sacked and do some time'. The MPA and the Met also needs to go through overtime claims branch by branch and ask some quite ordinary questions about where the money is going. At the same time our MP's ought to be nicked, banged up and questioned, have their bank accounts frozen etc while their accounts and claims are properly investigated. At the moment it seems Stephenson and the CPSare providing thier 'reasonable doubt' defence before they've been properly questioned. Grab their fucking DNA and bail the cunts!

Anonymous said...

It's all a show, nothing will be done and they will demand more from the people.

Freedom once again will have to be fought for.