Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Self Righteous Trough Pig Just Doesn't Get It!

Brian Pig Face Binley, Trougher For Northampton South

This self satisfied trough pig has only been an MP since 2005, but he's obviously a fast learner as he decided to rent a flat owned by his own company and charge it to the tax-payer.

When the rules changed and he was told that this was no longer acceptable, he appealed to Speaker Martin, who took nearly 3 fucking years to turn down his appeal.

What did our little piggie do then? Did he say fair enough, and stop claiming?

Did he fuck as like, he moved out of his own flat into another flat, and claimed for that instead.

He should fuck right off, and if he won't then Cameron should sack him.

The Penguin


wonderfulforhisage said...

What's your problem Mr P? If he is entitled to rent a flat in London who the hell cares who the landlord might be. Providing it's a fair rent what's the difference between this arrangement and his company renting the flat to a third party and him moving in next door, say, and paying rent to an unconnected landlord?

Blind Pugh said...

You couldn't make this stuff up. If you'd put that in a book or film, people would've laughed and said "don't be daft".

Greedy hooning cunts the lot of them.