Monday, 22 June 2009

More Trouble For The Poisonous Dwarf

Isn't it a shame that some of the teams involved in Formula One have decided that enough is enough? Enough of the Poisonous Dwarf and Spanking Max and their financial and political chicanery.

Even if the rebels are brought back into the fold, surely there has to be a regime change?

The nonsense of trying to move the British GP from Silverstone just because Bernie The Bribe doesn't get on with Jackie Stewart demonstrates just how barking mad the circus has become.

The Penguin

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Lexander said...

I refuse to watch the farce called FI. But I want this little, greedy shitbag out of the news and my views. Next thing we will have Browny giving him a knightbood. FFS. Now I notice one of his sperm hatchings is beginning to get in the news. What a fucking country. Good mind to get off to Nigeria and blow up a few pipelines and local woggies!