Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Police Take Action On Pikeys - It's Party Time!

Taking a rather different approach to bashing demonstrators in the City of London or ganging up to man-handle women who dare to ask for badge numbers, Inspector Knacker is at last taking action over the problem of illegal gipsy encampments.

He's blowing thousands of pounds in throwing a fucking party for them.

The Penguin


I hate ######g pikeys said...

With special events like nicking a car battery against the clock,tarmacing a drive competition and marry your cousin
The Police have gone fucking mad.

The Penguin said...

I wonder how much stuff they'll find has "gone missing" after the party is over?

microdave said...

Hopefully Assistant Chief Constable Bill Holland will go missing - permanently.

DaveP said...

I would invite some of the Roma lovers from Belfast over for the party. Give them some bottles on arrival (petrol)

banned said...

I'll turn up with me mates and a few carrier bags filled with bricks, as suggested by Our Gordon Brown; they might come in handy if the gypo cunts ( sorry, Traveller Community ) get a bit lippy.

Captain Swing said...

Will the Police also hold "outreach events" for members of the hard to reach
drug dealing or thieving scum community.I understand that they are already planning an uncle knobby fun day so people can understand the hard to reach kiddy fiddlers community.
I hope the filthy pikeys nick all the batteries from the patrol cars.

Perhaps we should try the Belfast solution to the pikey problem.

TheBigYin said...

Un Fvckin' believable! Stupid bloody pigs, the polis ah mean.