Thursday, 18 June 2009

British Strikes For British Workers!

Good to see that Jonah's sure touch extends to industrial relations!

I wonder if he'll reprise his catch-phrase at this year's NuLiebore Wankfest?

Or maybe he'll come up with something new and catchy? "British Swine Flu for British Politicians!" has a nice ring t o it.

The Penguin


mmm said...

The Fire Brigades Union have already resolved to strike at the time of the Labour Party autumn conference. The FBU is not politically affiliated to any bunch of losers

Chris said...

"The Fire Brigades Union have already resolved to strike..."

Troughing bastards! Who gets to pick up their slack? Squaddies on 50% less pay, that's who.

Does Socialism cause ethical myopia, or vice versa?

Old Bag said...

british ebola for british politicians has a good ring to it too

Barking Spider said...

According to news reports,the fucking bastards have sacked all 900 of them!

British jobs for British workers my arse - they'll be bringing in more of that lovely cheap foreign labour now - fucking arseholes!