Sunday, 28 June 2009

British Lies For British Workers!

Jonah's sound bite of "British Jobs For British Workers" and all his squalid lies about how NuLiebore have created millions of new jobs are proven to be a right fucking sham by figures released by the official Office of National Statistics.

Immigrants make up 106% of all new jobs between Q1 1997 and Q1 2009.

In other words, they took all of the new jobs AND 6% of the old jobs. So actually fewer jobs for British Workers than when NuLiebore took office.

Hat tip to Fraser Nelson.

The Penguin


Barking Spider said...

God, how I hate that fucking man!

Adrian P said...

This is your place, every country in the world is your country, we need you to be the leaders.

Simon Hughes MP

Shahid Malik said

Demographics and Treachery

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