Saturday, 13 June 2009

So Much For The "Special Relationship"

Despite Jonah's distasteful cocksucking of Saint Barack Obama it seems that the so-called Special Relationship is of very limited importance to the Septics.

With breath-taking hypocrisy, they send some of their Guantanamo prisoners to Bermuda without discussing this with Britain. I'm sure some "package" has been agreed with the locals to sweeten the deal.
These are people that the USA insists are too dangerous to allow to live in America, but expects other countries to welcome.

You can expect some in your area soon, as Gordon not only sucks but swallows.

The Penguin


Old Bag said...

well, i gues gordoom has to keep them sweet.after all, the sceptics' started all of his and our problems, you know.

Paul said...

As I've said elsewhere: if you alienate and sideline your friends by entering a political union hugely unfavourable to both yourself and your friends, don't be surprised when your former allies bite you in the arse.

There endeth the lesson.