Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Timney Of The Week

"We treated Stephen Lawrence like we would have done any drug dealing scum murdered in London"

This week's Timney is "Sir" Ian Blair, surely the worst Metroplitan Police Commissar in living memory.

Why does he not just fuck off and enjoy his huge pension instead of reminding us that he's still stealing oxygen?

The Penguin


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I thought he'd fucked off ages ago. He really is a knob.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Mr Penguin, if I can be so bold as to announce that I have, at long last, started my blog at http://www.rantinrab.blogspot.com
many thanks.

Ted Bundy said...

I suppose it won’t be long before NuLabour reward their most loyal of political servants with a place in the House of Lords alongside all the other retired former Commissioners. He can have a seat next to that other Labour supporting hoon Lord Paul Condon. I don’t suppose we've heard the last of him.

Lobbydog said...

He'll never learn.

Cuse said...

Oh come on Penguin.

Pllleeeeeaaaassssseee post a comment on your new hero Dan "I fucking hate the NHS me like" Hannan and his latest video.

Now do you know why Cameron hates the cunt? And why you and all you little Guido-cock-suckers looked such a cunt shouting about him?


On Fox News as well. Brilliant. He really is a nasty Tory Cunt isn't he?

PS - ranting+penguin+nasty+tory+cunt = 2170

dan+hannan+nasty+tory+cunt = 4070.

Not that I expect you to keep this on your blog for longer than 10 minutes as yet again you have a little hissy fit and delete it.

RavingMad said...

Fuck off Cuse

Now, what about the police murder of Ian Tomlinson at last weeks G20 protests?

Video on the Guardian front page
(sorry don't have link)

Cuse is a cunt said...

Your a cunt now fuck off theres a good little troll.

vervet said...

RP: You're just too generous ... this knob is way worse than a Timney ... he's a full-on Hoon!

The Penguin said...

Poor little "Cuse", the medication obviously isn't helping.