Wednesday, 1 April 2009

London MPigs Get 170% "Special Living Allowance" Increase

Of course, this is April 1st, so it may be a wind-up.

In fact it had better be a wind-up. In the middle of a severe recession with all the misery that that is bringing to ordinary working people, the over paid over rated useless wankers who are supposed to represent us in Parlikament and hold the executive to account are troughing to the tune of some £90 MILLION in allowances and expenses on top of their generous salaries.

And now it seems that those representing London constituencies will get a whacking 170% increase in a "Special Living Allowance", going up from £2,812 to £7,500.

Greedy Fuckers.

The Penguin

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Oldrightie said...

The spoofs are like a computer bloody virus. That bunch of toons outside Downing Street. Now there's an April Fools scenario.