Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It's Funny How Shit Sticks And The Smell Lingers

Especially Mad Dog Shit.

Seems to me that poor Gorgon's pathetic attempts to distance himself and the rest of his cabal in the bunker are not exactly having any effect - except to cause more amusement to the onlookers!

There is no sign of it blowing over quickly.

What a shame Gordon has so few friends left in the Labour Party that he can't afford to sack twats like Tom Watson and just say "Sorry!"

Well, except that the longer it goes on the more shit sticks to the Prime Mentalist. His place in history is assured. Worst Prime Minister EVER!

The Penguin


Dungeekin said...

I'm late to this - I wish I hadn't decided to go 'offline' this weekend.

Still, reading up on all of this has put a smile on my face and a song in my heart.



Lexander said...

These can be included in the list of culprits:

Labour new media strategy Key players

Derek Draper
Former lobbyist has overseen the blogging initiative, reporting to Labour’s general secretary Ray Collins.

Lord Mandelson
Business secretary is the main man when it comes to adapting Labour’s overall campaign strategy and getting the cabinet to do things.

Douglas Alexander MP
Along with Mandelson, the person the PM trusts most on campaigning.
David Lammy MP
His speeches and articles about how the party structure must change to reflect changes in society have been well received.

Colin Byrne
Weber Shandwick’s European CEO has provided strategic advice.

Tom Watson MP
First blogging MP and the person the cabinet trusts to explain what new media means.

DJ Collins
Google European comms director has been a key adviser to Draper.

Sue MacMillan
Labour Party new media campaigns chief has played key role in shifting emphasis away from the party website and out into communities.
Charlie Whelan
Brown’s former press secretary helped channel advertising cash to get LabourList up and running.

Damian McBride
Brown’s top media handler ‘gets it’, according to insiders.
Mark Hanson
PR consultant and LabourHome strategist has brought first-hand experience of new media.
Jag Singh
A co founder of the LabourHome blog and one of the few UK players with deep experience of working on US campaigns. Greg Jackson
Executive director of Tangent Labs, Labour's web agency

Lexander said...

I wonder how Google can justify their European Comms Director - one D.J. Collins - being mised up in this shithouse politics?
Perhaps he could explain? NOW.

Lexander said...

Sorry. Spitting and lisping in my fukin fury!

Goodnight Vienna said...
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Anonymous said...

The responsibility for the management and conduct of special advisers, including discipline, rests with the Minister who made the appointment.


Yup , and now they want to tighten the rules

Anonymous said...

Prime Mentalist - out of the mouths of flightless [s]babes[/s] birds

......and many a thinking psychiatrist

aproposofwhat said...

That's a whole lotta Hoons in one chart - hopefully Guido's got enough dirt to doom at least a couple of them this weekend.

Shamelessly plugging again (but for a good cause) - I've just blogged on the Braveheart Programme, which aims to get real practical help to veterans suffering from both the physical and the mental results of New Labour's wars of mass deception.

Fidothedog said...

One by one they will all fall, just a matter of time.