Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Hospital? Best Avoided Unless You Want To Die!

"Waiting Lists For Second Delivery Have Come Down. NHS? What's That?"

Seems like going to hospital in the NuLiebore NHS is pretty much like being given a death sentence.

You have lots of chances of catching something such as MRSA or C. Diff which will kill you horribly, or you might even starve to death. Apart from just medical malpractise or incompetence.

I'm SO FUCKING GLAD that the Bliar Witch Project saved the NHS.

The Penguin


subrosa said...

I survived c.diff a couple of years ago after a day appointment in my local hospital. Went in with a very minor problem and a smoker's cough. Two weeks later I was desperately ill and back there being wrapped in tinfoil to get my temperature to rise. GP continued to say it was food poisoning.

The worst experience of my life c.diff and it's left me with many life-long health problems now.

No amount of complaining to my local Trust bore fruit. The wards are still dirty and visitors are still permitted to visit whenever they wish, without any form of hand washing control. Marvellous.

Odin's Raven said...

Just wait for the next stage of the dexcent into the Third World, where the ministers and officials steal the payroll, the medical staff steal the drugs to sell on the black market and patients have to rely on relatives to bring them food.

Cuse said...

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Cuse said...

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