Monday, 8 June 2009

Oh Dear, The Whitewash Is The Wrong Shade!

"For Fuck's Sake, It Was Only A Few Million Quid!"

It seems that the first draft of the whitewash into "Sir" Ian Bliar's cronyism and corruption is not quite the right shade of white.

In fact, it is so fucking white that no-one will believe it, even the gullible cretins who continue to vote NuLiebore or think Ken Livingspart has their best interests at heart.
So "Sir" Ronnie Flannel has been asked to change the shade a little so people might think he's actually investigated the matter.

Then the fucking plod wonder why the public have lost respect for them?

The Penguin

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microdave said...

So he's as pure as the driven slush, then?