Sunday, 7 June 2009

NuLiebore's Culture Of Targets Is Working Out Really Well

"Fuck Me, Is That The Time? Where Is My Medication?"

Actually, no it bleeding well isn't.

SATS are a disaster despite the lies and obfuscation by Ed "Blinky" Balls, and we all know how good Social Services are are ensuring the safety of children like Peter Connelly (sadly not the only case, even in the last year) while meeting ludicrous targets.

The Police are meeting targets but crime is soaring despite the statistics the Home Office try and promulgate. The new Chief Commissar of Greater Drugchester has blown the lid off this, so let's hope he avoids woodland walks or bottles of gin on Snowdon.

And in the NHS, meeting a stupid target for waiting times in A&E means that patients are left in ambulances or in corridors before being "accepted" into the system. Brilliant!

The Penguin


HEAVYMAN said...

Politics is all just bollocks. It makes me sick.

Old Bag said...

as someone who had to once accomply someone to hospital, who then spent HOURS on a stretcher in a grotty hallway, i can testify that the NHS, police force and all the other shit gordooms gestapo is in charge of is absolute shite and bollocks. and gordoom is a cunt.