Sunday, 7 June 2009

Lord Sugarcube of Tate and Lyle Fires Jonah

Crown Blogspot, of course. Brilliant!

The Penguin


Blind Pugh said...

Gordon McBroon has all the humanity and empathy of a king cobra. His professed concern for the awful singing cunt Susan Broon rang very false on breakfast TV the other day. I was at school with the daft fuck (Gordo, not Susie) and he wouldn't have pissed on the likes of Susan Broon even if she'd spontaneously combusted during milk break. Even opportunistic midget fuckwads like the pox-ridden Lord Amstrad are recoiing from the touch of McBroon which turns all to shit. Once the Euro results are out tonight, the long knives will be plunging again and again into McBroon's back. First amongst the stabbers will be Lord Cockshite Of Mandelbrot. Much good may it do them, the fucking Labour Party is doomed. They couldn't win a vote, not even if Susan Broon became leader and sang the manifesto while swinging from a chandelier by her flange.

Blind Pugh said...

Fuck! Cunt! Shite! I've got Broon on the Brain, it's fucking Susan Boyle, no Susan Broon. Ma brain's fucked. I meant to say Susan Boyle no Susan Broon. She's still an ugly singing cunt, mind ye, nae matter whit she's called.

Old Bag said...

BP: you have no love for your countrymen/women **shakes head**