Monday, 8 June 2009

James Purnell Now Running Scared

"That Cunt Millipede Told Me To Do It!"

Having screwed his little store of courage up in order to jump ship (without having the Chipmunk's bravery in facing the cunt himself) and then finding that all his Blairite mates were not leaping into the icy water after him, poor little Jimmy Purnell has decided that he will not after all be doing a Geoffrey Howe.

Given the shit that the NuLiebore Project is in, what the fuckety fuck has the treacherous little wankstain got to lose?

He might as well go down with alll guns blazing, rather than slink abjectly away from an opportunity to set out his stall as a future leader.

This way, he loses everything. The Brownites will never forgive him, especially the vindictive Blinky who has to remain in charge of Battered Children and Useless Exams instead of replacing Badger at Number 11 and being able to be real neighbourly with Jonah, and now the Bliarites will think he is a coward, unable to face the wrath of McBroon in the Commons.

What was it that was said about the brave man dies but once, but the coward many times?

The Penguin

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