Monday, 8 June 2009

Who Will Jonah Turn To Next?

It's obvious from the appointment of the ghastly Glenys Pillock and Lord SurAllun to the government team that Jonah has run out of possible ministers in the House of Commons and is having to draft in more unelected cocksuckers to bolster his increasingly fragile position.

Now more ministers are resigning.

Who on earth can he turn to?

Maybe Ernest Saunders could be enobled to help clean up the City and Financial Services?

He could arrange a pardon and a peerage for Peter Sutcliffe to advise him on wimmens' rights?

Possibly Terry Wogan could help out as Lord Wogan of Wonga to run the Low Pay Unit?

Other suggestions welcomed.

The Penguin


mort said...

aboo boo hmaza(aka the claw) for Defense?

Jordan for home sec?

becks for sports/Olympics?

grasshopper/David Carradine for morals in Parliament?

bernie maddof for chancellor ?

Stephen William Hawking for speaker?

and the list goes on!

Catosays said...

Ernest Saunders....the only man ever to recover from Alzheimers.....whilst in prison.

Anonymous said...

quote from sky..""In a reshuffle of junior ministers, Mr Brown's Parliamentary Private Secretary Angela Smith is being promoted to minister of state.""

getting to the bottom of the barrel eh?

Catosays said...

They got the bottom of the barrel a long time back.
Now busily engaged in scraping the shit off.

Moo, I broke Blunkett's ribs said...

Paul Gadd for Children's Minister? Harold Shipman for Health? Ssssh the 'Nutter with the stutter' won't realise that he's talking to a corpse.

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Alex Salmond as National Unity Minister