Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hoon Of The Day

"Sir" Ian Bliar.

Whitewashed Cunt!
The Penguin


jaydeeaitch said...

Always reminds me of Mullet out of A Touch of Frost

Umbongo said...

In the real world that normal citizens of this fair land inhabit, if there is prima facie evidence that someone has committed a criminal offence, the evidence is presented in court and a jury (or magistrate) decides on guilt or innocence.

In the other world of the political class (or their protectors, senior members of which are honorary members of that class) an "independent" colleague of the possible offender (who has probably known the putative offender for years - possibly even worked with him) has a quiet think about how he's going to deal with the matter in hand.

Although the examination of the evidence would take you or me a half-hour to sort through, months later when the initial fuss has died down (if not completely forgotten) the inquirer tells a freshly irate public that "although it might look crooked and the contract did in fact go to a friend of my friend, it's too trivial to bother about. After all the contract had to go to someone and why not a friend of the person effectively awarding the contract? Now go home or I'll nick you!" A crock of self-serving shite? Certainly - and how predictable.