Monday, 1 June 2009

Do The Decent Thing, You Fat Cow!

Stupid Bitch Needs Escort To Buy Kebab

Major manhunt launched as police reveal 16 of the world's most wanted men are on the run in the UK.

Father-of-three run over and killed after he was followed home for nine miles by nightclub thugs.

Man dies after being kicked in the head in violent park attack.

Just three articles on todays Daily Shite site.

What hope is there that the stupid fat cow in supposed charge of the Home Office, responsible for Law and Order and Immigration might do the decent thing and fucking resign? No hope and Bob Hope, and Bob Hope's dead.

The Penguin


Captain Swing said...

What a fat pig she is.

What is it with all the coppers-how can short fat ugly cunts get in the police farce these days.
They cant be real coppers can they?

Dont they accept applications from white heterosexual English people ?

'tugger' said...

Ms. Smith is just getting on with the job of protecting our great nation.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Apparently she's told Brown that she's happy to stand down as Home Sec in the Cabinet reshuffle. I bet she is. I don't like to see her get off so easily. It's time for the Met to do some taser and water cannon testing on her in Trafalgar Square.

JP said...

I hope she falls in a pit but gets stuck as she is so FUCKIN' FAT. Fat fuckin' cow and her Labour chronies have ruined this country. At least when she's stuck in the pit we can all spit on her and throw rather hefty bricks at her fucked up face. Cunt fuckin' bitch.

Anonymous said...

A police car killed a cyclist on Saturday. They were speeding on an emergency call only with flashing lights and no siren.

She has a lot to proud about. The dozey two-bit, fat, cunt-faced, kebab-chewing dumbass freak.

microdave said...

From the Telegraph (H/T Old Holborn) this link:

A Home Office spokesman said "Coming to the UK is a privilege that we refuse to extend to those who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life."

In the first 2 of your links all the criminals are East Europeans, so how does that tally with the H/O quote?

Old Bag said...


source: millions of britons cant be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ah but she's had her comeuppance now hasn't she? Back home as MP, not Cabinet Minister where her constituents have been organising a 'Resign Jacqui' petition to welcome hrt to her second home.