Monday, 1 June 2009

Another Ministry Of Justice JOKE

Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan

Seems the fuckwit Judge who employed an illegal Brazilian as a cleaner and then had an affair with her has done very nicely. 18 months off on full pay while the circumstances were "investigated" and then another 12 months on the sick, and all at full fucking pay. About £300,000 for doing fuck all, and all from the generous taxpayer, of course.

Mind you, they couldn't sack the cunt, or Lord Ahmed of Openprison would have 10,000 fucking moslems replacing the fucking Tamils in Parliament Square, disrupting the traffic and making the place stink even more of garlic and hypocrisy.

Probably not enough to cover the stench of corruption, though.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

I haven't got the energy to slate him but if he's on sick leave, hasn't anyone caught him out and about shopping and snogging other birds?

Do I have to get my camera out and stalk the bastard?

AnonyBNP said...

Fuck this.

I've got a new saying for you...

If you don't vote BNP then don't fucking complain about shit like this.