Sunday 2 May 2010

What A Line Up!

Some Mad Twat With A Banana

Ladbrokes are offering the following odds for the next Leader Of NuLiebore:

David "Banana Boy" Miliband 7/4
Ed "The Clever One" Miliband 5/1
Alan "Postman Prat" Johnson 6/1
Harriet "Harpy Hypocrite" Harman 8/1
Peter "Lord Of The Mince" Mandelson 10/1
Alistair "The Flipper" Darling 12/1
Ed "Blinky" Balls 14/1
Jon "Token Lefty" Cruddas 14/1
Jack "The Weasel" Straw 25/1
John "The Unknown" Denham 25/1
Andy "Eyeliner" Burnham 25/1
Hilary "Nepotism Rules OK" Benn 33/1
Yvette "The Giraffe" Cooper 33/1

Fuck me, but have you ever seen such a line up of completely useless tosspots? Headed up by the oddly alien Millipedes, it's like something from a third rate horror film with a title like "The House Of The Nearly Dead!"

The Penguin


Private Widdle said...

How anybody could think that that fucking spacco cocktrumpet Millicunt is fit for anything other than cleaning urinals under close supervision is fucking beyond me. The samne goes for his fucking honking fuck-monkey of a younger brother, and as for the rest....don't get me fucking started. You wouldn't want me to go there. But-seriously- is this the best they can do? They've been in power for 13 years and this line-up of cunts, thieves, liars and dickheads represents the best? God fucking help us all. Labour and its followers are a fucking disease, a pox on the nation.

Anonymous said...

How can Mandelscum be the next leader, he's not even a fucking M.P.