Thursday 6 May 2010

Please, Let It Be A Total Humiliation For McRuin!

I don't just want a change of government, I want Jonah McRuin completely and totally humiliated and NuLiebore consigned to the dustbin.

They have wrecked this country in their vindictive and corrupt pursuit of a useless socialist ideology, and my grandchildren will still be paying the price decades hence.

Much as I would like to have the one-eyed snot-gobbler shoot himself, I'd prefer that he had to endure years of being vilified as the extent of his incompetence and dishonesty are revealed to the public. Mind you, if he were to attempt to shoot himself and just ended up badly crippled that would be just fine.

The Penguin


Sue said...

I hate him and Labour as much as you do and I detest socialists.

I think we should lock in the tower and charge people to watch the rats nibbling at his testicles.

John Pickworth said...

Personally, I wouldn't let him off that lightly...

I'd be happy to wake up tomorrow to find Brown still in power. Certainly I'd prefer another result but I could live with this because, sooner rather than later, we're going to have to call in the men from the IMF.

And that would be the perfect finish which will bury the cursed Brown and his reputation forever!

Cuse said...

You lot are fucking deluded. And I am loving it. Watch Sky, read the Sun and circle-Jerk yourselves into a right-wing frenzy all you like but all this shite points to one thing.

Dave is fucked. Shiny faced little turd that he is.

With the most partisan and anti-political print + broadcast media in history; a long + deep recession; an unpopular 3rd term government; the Iraq war; the Bigot moment; Millions spunked into your nasty little party by an offshore cunt; TV debates which were supposed to deliver Little Lord Fountelroy into Number 10 unopposed etc etc etc...

You couldn't even fucking win it.

The Pudge-faced Loon-herder’s party is still an un-electable shower of cunts.

Dave will limp into a minority government with a weak and de-motivated team and be voted out in the next election – probably around October. Your party’s policies are just too fucking barbaric – and cunts like Gideon + Fox just too fucking weak.

You tried to buy it and lost.

Hacked Off said...

Christ, I thought you'd curled up and died of pure bigotry and ignorance, but here you are again, as welcome as a turd in a curry.

Go and pollute someone else's patch, you sad tosspot.