Monday 10 May 2010

Clegg's Demands

Little Nicky Clegg is holding out for his wish-list of demands in return for supporting lame duck Dave Cameron's chances of being asked by Brenda to try and form a government once the skulking and sulking Jonah is dragged from underneath his desk.

These include:

Renaming Downing Street as Clegg Avenue
Forcing William Hague to wear a wig.
Votes for Limp Dums to count double in all future elections.
Paddy Pantsdown to be made President of Europe.
Samantha Cameron's used undies.

Jonah has already offered all of these, with the obvious difference of it being Liam Byrne's shiny skull that has to be wigged, and of course, Sarah Brown's soiled knickers. Oddly, Cleggy has decided that this is just not good enough.

The Penguin

PS Voldemort has just added a soapy tit-wank with Harriet in a last minute attempt to outbid the same old Tories. Still not good enough.


Anonymous said...

Poor taste I thought better of you then to read this rubbish here.

Hacked Off said...

Then fuck off somewhere else then!

Blind Pugh said...

Is that really a picture of McBroon's scabby feet? How truly gross. I have just heaved my breakfast into my keyboard. You could use that photo as an advert for Alien IV. Surely he's not from the same genetic pool as the rest of us?

Hacked Off said...

It's Mrs Jonah's feet. On the end of her fat legs.